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The roster for July & August 2020

Dear our valued customers,

we apologize for that the upload for the roster for July & August have been very late.

We would like to also inform you that we are currently experiencing a large amount of booking especially in Brisbane branch, asking our customers to wait for 2~3 weeks to have their appointment.

Therefore, we are currently fully booked out in July unless we have a cancellation, and we are starting to be booked out for the first 2 weeks in August as well.

Also, as you may notice on the roster below, working day for Masaki in Brisbane branch will change from August; he will work every Friday instead of Sunday every fortnightly.

We strongly recommend making your booking as soon as possible to secure your appointment at your nearest branch.

Please confirm the image below to make your plan for your appointment.

We apologize for the delay and looking forward to see you soon.

Best regards,

Glams Hair Lounge