glams Hair Lounge

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Our Crew

Gold Coast & Brisbane

Masaki Nakamura

Executive Director

Kentaro Suzuki

Executive Director

Tomoaki Abe(Tomo)


Kaori Hamada (Hama)

Assistant manager (Senior)

Teruyo Imamura

Stylist: casual

She has experience for 9 years.

Working except Sundays.

Kanata Mizuno


He has experience for 8 years in Japan and came here last year.

Anne Okouchi

Junior stylist

Kyoka Sekiyama

Junior stylist

Gold Coast

Mari Ito


-Every Tuesday

-2nd and 4th of Friday


Shuhei Fujita (Shu)


He started off  in the industry close to 20 years ago, initially working at a salon in glams Gold Coast and Brisbane.

He lived and worked in Melbourne for 6 years then made great achievements.

Sit in his  chair and he’ll make sure you rock whatever look you want to achieve!!

Chris Tanaka(Assistant)

Motoko Matsui(Assistant)